President’s Letter

President’s Update

You may be wondering who we are!

The two founding members of RemSleep Holdings are Tom Wood and Russell Bird.

Tom was the inventor of the first nasal pillows interface.

Russell was the founder of Medical Industries America and set up the very first CPAP patients in collaboration with Prof. Collin Sullivan many years ago in Sydney, Australia.

Tom and Russell recently formed RemSleep Holdings to promote and manufacture the DeltaWave Nasal Pillows Interface which is F.D.A. 510K pending.

Recently, we have negotiated a distributor agreement with Beyond Medical to import their Auto CPAP Machine ResPlus. We hope to help plug the gap in regard to the national shortage due to the Respironics recall. We currently have thousands of machines in stock or on the way.

Recently, we opened our office/warehouse facility in Clearwater, Florida and are settling in. Our website is up and functioning so check us out at www.remsleep.com.

We could sell all of our inventory to large nationals. However, we consider that would be self-defeating in the long term. Our intention is to provide inventory primarily to the home care D.M.E.’s who are struggling with the shortage right now.

Please be assured we have every intention of satisfying your need for inventory and service.

Russell Bird

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