ResPlus FAQ for Consumers

Why ResPlus?

There are minimal differences between a $1000 auto CPAP machine and a $500 auto CPAP machine. We ALL use high quality brushless DC motors, (ResPlus utilizes a German built motor) and reliable circuit boards. The “black art” is in the algorithm built into the circuit board. The algorithm controls the speed and output of the DC motor, adjusting to your inhalation and exhalation demands. The ResPlus contains a highly responsive algorithm that allows you to breathe easily through the night. It is also very quiet. A key consideration.

What is a Wi-Fi enabled CPAP?

All of the more expensive machines include a built-in modem that sends compliance information to the “cloud”. This allows convenient access to your recorded sleep information by your physician.
ResPlus machines utilize a TF/ SD card that contains all of your compliance information. When you have an appointment with your sleep physician simply remove the TF card from the back of your ResPlus machine, slide it into the SD card adaptor provided and hand it to your physician. He can then download your sleep data and ascertain the effectiveness of your treatment.
This technology eliminates the need for an expensive modem running next to you while sleeping.

Do you bill insurance?

The short answer is no. Insurance companies will not typically re-imburse machines ordered online.

Should I pay out of pocket for my CPAP machine?

Please consider the following:
If you do not have insurance your best option is to purchase a ResPlus at a considerable savings over more expensive “name brand” machines.
If you have a high insurance deductible, you will have to pay “insurance prices” which will be substantially higher.
Insurance companies typically rent a machine provided by a dealer to you for 90 days. During this trial period you must show evidence of compliance via an SD card or Wi-Fi access. To be compliant during the 90-day period you will need to use the CPAP 4 hours per night for 21 out of every 30 nights. If not, you will need to return the machine. So, to avoid all of this and retain your machine and to some extent your independence buy one.

Do I need a prescription?

Yes, you will need to provide a copy of your prescription before we can ship your ResPlus. This can either be faxed to us or e-mailed.

How easy is the ResPlus to set up?

The ResPlus is easy to set up. Each machine contains Quick Start guides allowing you to be up and running within minutes. There is additional information on our website under the Resources section if you require it.

What about backup?

If you are having difficulty with the ResPlus in anyway, please contact us initially through the website. We will respond quickly and address any concerns you may have.

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