ResPlus FAQ for Distributors

Who is RemSleep?

RemSleep recently opened its office warehouse in Clearwater Florida. The two founders of our company (Tom Wood – inventor of the first nasal cannula style interface and Russell Bird former founder and owner of Medical Industries America ) have a combined 70 years of experience in the sleep industry.

What about the quality and functionality?

The heart of the CPAP is a German manufactured brushless DC motor. We have bench tested many of them. They are extremely reliable and very quiet. The brain of the CPAP is the algorithm embedded into the circuit board. We have tested the ResPlus compared to the market leaders. The ResPlus is as good if not better than all those we have tried. Its very easy to breathe on.

Is the ResPlus FDA approved?

You cannot import CPAP machines into the US without FDA approval.

Can we bill ResPlus machines to insurance?

Yes you can, under EO601. For verification go to the Palmetto GBA DMECS website. Go to Product classification list and enter ResPlus in the Product name box. Click search and it will pop up.

Can we get a better price?

We are having to airfreight machines in from SE Asia to satisfy demand (like everyone else right now.) Airfreight charges are running around $70 per unit. We should be able to reduce our price dramatically once the patient demand is satisfied and we can import via sea.

What about compliance?

The ResPlus features a TF/SD card that can be downloaded for compliance information. The SD card has the V Health application embedded in it. For more information go to our Resources section.

When can you ship?

Within 24 hours via UPS.

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