Frequently Asked Questions

Can Deltawave be used with my CPAP machine?

Yes, we have tried Deltawave with most all popular machines used today. We are confident it can be used on any machine you are using.

Will I need to use a humidifier?

Humidification will probably not be necessary in warmer climates and/or summer months. Colder climates may not cause a need for humidification unless your pressing settings are above average – above 10 cmH20. So much of this is individual.

How does Deltawave make such a great air tight seal if the head strap is never tight?

Most of the credit goes to the fundamental design change of the nasal pillows. The pillows fit into the nostrils and against the bottom of the nostrils along with a unique new shape to greatly increase seal capacity and comfort.

Will I really be able to sleep in peace for a full 8 hours using the Deltawave?

You will. It is easy on the nose. It has a great easy seal. The headgear is never tight. You breathe easier than you do without it. Your respiratory rate remains consistently normal. It is effortless to exhale. You never feel like you can’t get a breath, or enough air. It is as quiet as the quietest interface (mask) on the market.

How do I know if my breathing is normal while using the Deltawave?

While using Deltawave, count how many breaths you take per minute. Normal respiratory rate is 14 breaths per minute. If you are breathing less than 14 breaths per minute your respiratory rate has been compromised. A disrupted respiratory rate can cause problems trying to sleep, among other unwanted conditions. CPAP systems can cause respiratory rate to drop as low as 9 breaths per minute, even lower for some people. This is a clear indication the user is not getting enough air intake to satisfy air demand, and it is taking too long to take in a breath.

What if the pillows suddenly start to leak a little?

Give them a quick 3 second wash using dish washing liquid with warm or cold water. Just use your thumb and index finger. Give a quick rinse and towel dry. Leak problem should be solved.

Can I sleep without it blowing air on my arms and hands?

Yes, it is designed that way. You can sleep in any position you like and not feel air hitting those areas, or any other. Occasionally you might be in just the right position to feel air very slightly, but the slightest adjustment will stop it.

What if my respiratory rate is not normal while using Deltawave?

If you do not experience a normal respiratory rate at 14 breaths per minute, or if you are unsatisfied in any way with Deltawave you may return the product for a full refund. Deltawave has a 90-day money back guarantee.

Will I use the same machine pressure with the Deltawave?

Deltawave will deliver significantly more air volume to your nostrils. Your nostrils will be slightly dilated to receive this extra volume. The air flow will enter your nostrils at a slower air velocity generating more lateral pressure. The increase in air volume results in a reduced need for driving pressure. You may be able to use the same driving pressure you were using, but likely less pressure will be required. If you can reduce the machine driving pressure you will directly proportionately decrease unwanted side effects. Correcting apneic events by increasing air volume delivered directly to the nostrils and decreasing driving pressure puts you on the right track.