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My name is Laura Palmore, I am a patient of Dr. T. Speer at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. I have been using the delta wave pillows for 4-5 months now. It is the first device that allows me to sleep comfortably, and I have had the best success since being use with my AVS machine. I have had no apnea or hypoxic events since I started using them. They are easy to care for. I do clean them daily, and have cut the middle strap joining the two pillows. I found this to make this the most comfortable for me. I have little to no leakage when I use the pillows as apposed to a face mask which I would at times take off in the middle of the night. The pillows aslo make it easier for me to fall asleep, because it’s like I’m not wearing anything that feels restricting. On my last visit with Dr. Speer ( about 1 week ago) I have not used my head strap, just the other strap with good results. I have also visited my allergist who saw marked improvement in my overall lung function. I am definitely more compliant when using the pillows, because I don’t feel so restricted. I understand that it is uncommon for these to work as efficiently with my AVS as compared to other machines. But, I feel refreshed when I wake up, have had more uniterrupted sleep time as opposed to using the mask. I did try other types of pillows, but always returned to the face mask. Since the use of the Delta wave pillows, I have no desire to go back to a mask.

I was wondering, is there anyway I could receive a package of Delta wave pillows in extra small or small, on a monthly basis. I have no idea what you charge for them, but I definitely want to keep using them. Please let me know how this may work.

If you have any other questions you can reach me at the following:

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time!

Laura Palmore, HUC
Newborn and Neonatal Nursery

Mr. Wood,
I have only been using a C-pap since March with the full face mask and absolutely HATE it! I had such high hopes of having a good night’s rest after struggling with apnea for many years. Even with the full mask, I am constantly waking up b/c of leakage as I sleep on my side, not to mention it has the most uncomfortable head strap. I have to pull the strap so tightly on my head until I literally wake up with a headache. I finally just quit with the C-pap altogether a couple weeks ago deciding it was just not worth the aggravation….that is until I tried the Delta Wave Pillows. I cannot believe the difference this has made! I have had no problems with leakage whatsoever and I do not even notice the head strap. It is so comfortable to sleep in that I now sleep throughout the night without waking up since using the Delta Wave Pillows. I definitely feel much better when I awake in the mornings….rested and without a headache. I have bragged so much about the Delta Wave Pillows until my daughter and husband are going to try them as well. Thank you so much for this life changing device.

Susan Bowen
Douglas, GA 31535


I have been evaluating the Delta Wave (DW) on many of my patients whether they are new to PAP therapy or struggling with their current interfaces and intolerance of pressure. My experience so far has yielded a variety of valuable lessons. First, patients at higher PAP pressure have responded well when previous pillow type interfaces failed. Second, patients found the interface to require less tightening with no significant leaks around the nose. Thirdly, patients already using a pillow interface without complications more often than not stayed with their established working interface.

These three issues helped me start to differentiate between patient needs and how best to suggest an interface that would lead to better usage and efficacy of PAP treatment. The DW interface is quiet and easy to put on and take off with minimal adjustments. The interface into the nose was less irritating to most. The direct air pattern caused some to think pressure was increasing too fast. I should note at this point all patient in my experience were on some sort of auto-titrating PAP device (AutoSet, VPAP Auto and VPAP Adapt). Individuals at the lower pressure did quite well with the new DW interface as well as the patients on higher pressures. The DW ability to accommodate the higher pressure is a very positive discovery since that has not always been the case especially when using the adaptive servo-ventilator. Lastly, all blowers used allow for adjustment of the leak threshold thus keeping the mask fit options working.

In summary I have found the Delta Wave to be an effective and well accepted new interface with new features that allow for use in areas of therapy previously requiring a full face mask or to reduce anxiousness consistent with a simple phobic response that can lead to treatment abandonment.

Thomas K Speer
Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Pulmonary,
Critical Care and Sleep Medicine UTMB-Galveston

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